Hope for Abaco™ Toy Drive

Santa on Plane

Hurricane Dorian struck Abaco with little notice like an unwelcome stranger who took away so much in what now seems like the blink of an eye. While the Hope for Abaco volunteers, entertainers, and sponsors want to help the people of Abaco rebuild, we also want to make the holidays happier for the children of Abaco.

Toys will be collected at the benefit entrance for children of Abaco who were victims of Hurricane Dorian. Our Santa will fly the toys to Great Abaco where he will distribute toys then embark on boats for the out islands.

Santa will meet island representatives and children in each location who will help to distribute the toys.

Benefit attendees as well as the general public who would like to help make the holidays happier for the children of Abaco are asked to bring a toy to the entrance gate for an Abaco child.

Please bring new toys and for safety and transportation reasons and leave the toy in the original manufacturer's box. You are welcome to include your name, a card or note, and an email address, although please keep in mind that Abaco many do not have computers, Internet devices, or event an Internet connection. So please give for the sake of giving, without expecting anything in response.

Toys must not be wrapped. Volunteers must be able to see the toy to insure it is given to a child who will both use and enjoy it.

Thank you in advance. Let's do our part to make sure every Christian child of Abaco has a Merry Christmas and children of all other faiths have happy holidays.