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Message from CaptainSteve

I've been vacationing in the Abacos for twenty years and first saw the Barefoot Man on Guana Cay a year or two after Hurricane Floyd. Years later I purchased Thong Gone Wrong and brought it back home to New Jersey. It became the music of choice on my boat which is where I exposed my friends to his music.

I started recording videos to show family and friends what they were missing. Its my way of "giving back" to George and Sea 'N B and sharing good times with other fans. In April 2019 I organized a trip with 30 friends and family to see the Barefoot Man's Last Call performance. My Last Call trailer is about the winds of change blowing...

Visit where I have an estimated 100 hours of Barefoot Man videos to share, and be sure to subscribe and click the YouTube bell to be notified when new videos are released.... P. Steve Calabria aka FlymanNJ aka CaptainSteve


CaptainSteve's Barefoot Man 4K Video Series👣👣

Two bare feet 👣👣 means you are viewing one of my most professional videos recorded in 4K
The 4K Video Series also uses studio sound tracks.
On left My Newest Video—Premiers Friday Dec 13, 2019 at 6PM


CaptainSteve's Barefoot Man Official Recordings Series 👣

One bare foot 👣 means you are viewing one of my earlier videos recorded in HD
The Official Recording Series uses studio sound tracks.


CaptainSteve's Barefoot Man Live Recordings

This series of videos were recorded live at events using an iPhone.
The Live Recording Series uses live soundtracks and mobile device video.


CaptainSteve's Barefoot Man Compilation Series

These are my original videos which include a compilation of songs at specific events.
I created videos at the 2014, 2016, 2017 events.
These videos were recorded using live sound track and standard definition (or lower) video.
2018 video to be released